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EverCool® Water-Tray

  • Capture leaking water before damage occurs
  • Use Water Tray alone or with Vertex ProTekk mechanical leak detector to shut off feed-water
    when leak occurs

Use the EverCool Water Tray with an EverCool water dispenser to catch water leaks and prevent them from damaging floors, walls and counters. Combine with the ProTekk Leak Detector/Shut-Off Valve to shut off incoming water on Point-of-Use models in case of a leak.

The ProTekk Leak Detector/Shut-Off valve uses an over-center trip mechanism to insure positive valve closure and stop leaks before they can cause damage. Install anywhere a leak might occur using the pre-molded mounting holes or supplied adhesive strips. The activation cartridge can be easily replaced to bring the detector back to full operation without the need for tools or reassembly. No power source needed. Comes with 2 activation cartridges

Ordering InformationPart No.
Black EverCool Water Tray w/ProTekk Detector EDTP-1221
White EverCool Water Tray w/ProTekk DetectorEDTP-1221W
Black EverCool Water Tray onlyEDT-1220
White EverCool Water Tray onlyEDT-1220W
ProTekk - Mechanical Leak Detector onlyLDM-1214
4-pack of detector replacement cartridgesLDS-1216