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Sediment Filter, 5-Micron Polyspun Cartridge
2 1/2” dia. x 10″
10 Activated Carbon Block Filter 5 Micron
2 1/2” dia. x 10″
Reverse Osmosis Membrane
75 GPD TFC @ 65 PSI Pressure Differential
Granular Activated Carbon Post-Filter
In-Line, 2” dia. x 10”
4.0 Gallon Plastic Tank (metal tank available)
Pre-pressurized with Butyl Bladder
(2.5 gal. water capacity when full)

Shipping Weight: 26 lb.
Dimension: 15”W x 6”D x 15.5”H
Tank: 11″ dia. x 15.5″H

Conditions of Use
Water Must be microbiologically safe
Temperature, 40 -100 degrees F
pH Range, 3 to 10
Feed pressure, 40 to 100 psig
Maximum TDS, 1500 PPM
Turbidity, less than 1.0 NTU

3C-4.0 – Provides More Clean Water

For higher volume use – 75-GPD Membrane

For larger homes and offices, this system refills the tank faster with its 75 GPD membrane, and the 3/8” tubing provides 50% more water flow at the faucet. The 3-filter canisters make it easier and faster to replace filters – there are no connectors to remove. The larger capacity coconutshell activated-carbon post-filter is easy to replace and lasts longer. All connections are push-fit fittings, which provide ease of installation. Comes complete with connection hardware, faucet, tubing and instruction manual.

Comes complete and ready to install, with dispensing faucet and instruction manual.

• 3 filter canisters
• High-capacity post filter in third canister
• 75-GPD encapsulated membrane
• All Quick-Connect O-ring seal fittings
• 3/8″ tubing to tank and faucet
• Drain connection included
• 1 year limited warranty

Downlaod the brochure.

Ordering InformationPart No.
4-Stage Reverse Osmosis3C-4.0
Available Options
with UV Sterilizer add /UVadd /UV
with Air Gap Faucet (meets many city's requirements)add /AG
with Metal Tankadd /MT
with Quick-Connect fittings (includes 3/8" line from tank to faucet)add /QC
with 3/8" Feed Water Adapteradd /3/8FWA
with 1/2"-3/8" John Guest Convertible Feed Water Adaptercall factory
ProTekk Water Tray and Leak Detector add LDDT-1218
Replacement Filters
5 micron Sediment cartridge, 2.5" x 10" SF-4001
Carbon Block cartridge, 2.5" x 10" CF-4060
Carbon Block post filter cartridge, 2.5" x 10" CF-4006
75 GPD Replacement RO Membrane MH-4206
4-stage Filter Replacement Kit FK-102
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High Volume, 5-Stage 75-GPD filtration system with proprietary, twistoff cartridges, encapsulated RO membrane and post filter, all designed to make installation quick, easy, and sanitary.