Vertex PWC-2000 PureWaterCooler

Weight: 60 lb.
Dimension: 16”W x 13”D x 41”H
Cold tank volume .5 gal
Hot tank volume .55 gal
Room tank volume 2.2 gal
Cooling Rate: 1.5 gal/hr 37-50ºF
Heating Rate: 1.3 gal/hr 180 ºF
Voltage: 115 VAC
Power Required: 600w max

2000_ro_filterFilter System
Standard Filter 2000F
Stage 1: 5 micron Sediment
Stage 2: 10 micron Activated Carbon

Reverse Osmosis Filter 2000R
Above 2 stages plus

Stage 3: 50-GPD RO Membrane

Fully assembled
– connection hardware included

Vertex PWC-2000

3-Temp Water Dispenser

A deluxe 3-temperature, hot, room and cold bottle-less water cooler  uses the existing water source to make a continuous supply of clean, great tasting water for offices or factories of up to 50 people. The reheat function raises the normal hot water temperature by 15º F for steaming hot tea or soup.

    Hot, Room and Cold Temperatures from a single source
    Separate hot/cold power switch on front panel
    Reboil raises water 15° F over normal hot water temp.
    Automatic heating control at 180 °F with over-temperature shut-off
    Sealed compressor cooling with adjustable thermostat, 37-50°F
    Stainless steel hot and cold water tanks
    Mechanical float valve shut-off
    Water level indicator built-in
    Type 304 stainless steel hot and cold water tanks
    Built-in filtration system is easily accessed for replacement
    Choose Reverse Osmosis or standard Dual-Cartridge filtration
    Safety lock for hot water faucet
    Enclosed no-drip faucets eliminate hand contact for better hygiene 
    ABS front and top covers have a high impact appliance finish
    1 year limited warranty – 3 year compressor warranty


UV sterilizer and ozone sanitizer options available.

Download the Brochure.


Ordering InformationPart No.
3-Temp Model - 50 GPD Reverse OsmosisPWC-2000R
3-Temp Model – Standard FiltrationPWC-2000F
3-Temp Model – No FiltrationPWC-2000
Executive Gray Cabinetadd /EG
2-temp Model w/ UV Sterilizeradd /UV
2-temp Model w/ Ozone Sanitizeradd /OZ
2-temp Model w/ ProTekk Mechanical Leak Detectoradd /LDM
Replacement FiltersSedimentIFA-4035
GAC CarbonIFA-4034
RO Membrane, 50 GPDMA-4203
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2000_eg_250Executive Gray Cabinet


Conforms to UL std 399

ADA Compliant