Fleck Water Softerner

Trusted and Reliable

Use a VERTEX PureWaterSoftener™ to eliminate limescale buildup on pipes, fixtures and water heaters in homes and businesses. Reduce detergent use up to 70% and Increase water heater efficiency by as much as 29% for gas or 22% for electric. Get cleaner, softer clothes while reducing appliance and plumber service costs. Choose one of 3 sizes up to 60,000 grain removal.

• Ion exchange for hardness mineral removal
• Uses Purolite 40-70 mesh resin for low salt use and minimum brine discharge
• On-Demand metered regeneration meets California requirements
• Proven Fleck valve provides reliable control
• 3 sizes for most home requirements 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 cu. ft. resin capacity

How a Water Softener works


Model Number948SXT 1054SXT1252SXT1035CSE
Applicationssmall homes & condosaverage homeluxury homesfor limited space
Nominal Resin Capacity* 1.0 Cu. Ft.1.5 cu. Ft.2.0 Cu. Ft.1.0 Cu. Ft.
Hardness Removal max grains 30,00045,00060,00030,000
Nominal System Flow
@50 psi, 15 psig drop
11.6 gpm11.6 gpm19.7 gpm 9.5 gpm
Softener Tank Size 9"dia x 48" high10"dia x 54"high 12"dia x 52"high 12"w x 21"d x 45"h
Brine Tank Size 18" dia. x 33" high 18" dia. x 33" high 18"dia. x 40"high
Type Control Valve Fleck 5600SXT Fleck 5600SXT Fleck 7000SXTFleck 5600SXT
Pipe Sizes inlet, 3/4" mpt
drain, 1/2" fpt
brine, 3/8" tube
inlet, 3/4" mpt
drain, 1/2" fpt
brine, 3/8" tube
inlet, 1.25" mpt
drain, 1/2" fpt
brine, 3/8" tube
inlet, 3/4" mpt
drain, 1/2" fpt
FittingsNoryl Yoke mpt SS bypass valve, fpt Noryl bypass w/1" mpt or sweat Noryl Yoke mpt or sweat
Power Supply 110 VAC24 VAC24 VAC24 VAC
Weight, Pounds 9512518085
Overall Dimensions H-56", W-27", D-15"
H-62", W-28", D-16"
H-62", W-30", D-17"H-45", W-12", D-24"
Conditions of Use: Water must be microbiologically safe; System pressure, 20 min to 100 max psi; Temperature, 40 to 100° F
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