ClearTAC Plus – Whole House Water Conditioner

Effective alternative to Ion exchange softeners

The VERTEX ClearTAC Plus system uses Template Assisted Crystallization technology to reduce hard-water deposits from forming on pipes and fixtures. The premium coconut carbon reduces or eliminates chlorine taste and odor while the beneficial minerals remain. This advanced water treatment device can be used in areas where conventional water softeners are banned. There are no chemicals or salts needed and there is no brine discharge.

• Proven 90% effective for preventing scale
• No chemicals or salts needed
• No brine discharge. Can be used in areas where conventional ion-exchange water-softeners are banned
• Long lasting media-not consumed by the reactions
• Treats water up to 75 grains (1300 ppm CaCO3)
• Virtually Maintenance Free
• Retains “Beneficial Minerals”
• Protects appliances for longer lifespan
• Efficient – needs only 5 seconds contact time regardless of hardness level
• Meets DVGW-w512 standard for Physical Water Treatment (PWT)

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How Does It Work?

ClearTAC prevents scale build-up by transforming the hardness minerals into undissolved crystal micro-particles. These crystals are suspended in the water and stay in solution so they don’t deposit on faucets and pipes. The ClearTAC passes DVGW-w512 standard for physical water treatment (PWT) devices, and two independent lab tests confirm our own results at the Vertex lab of 90% or more effectiveness in reduction of scale build-up.


Flow RateConnectionsDrainDImensionsWeightPart No.
16 gpm1.25 mpt.75 mpt12" dia. x 60"170 lbs.CTP-16-1252
12 gpm1.0 mpt.75 mpt10" dia. x 62"115 lbs.CTP-12-1054
10gpm.75 mpt.75 mpt9" dia. x 56"90 lbs.CTP-10-948
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